Our Horses


Layla Belgian Draft HorseLayla: a Belgian Draft Mare

Color: Roan with light Mane and Tail

Layla is hard to miss; she is extremely impressive, large with a flowing mane and tail. She is what is commonly thought of as a draft or work horse, though I doubt she has ever ploughed a field in her life. At TEC she is a riding horse and a therapy horse. TEC provides physical, learning and recreational opportunities, with her help, to special needs children and adults. Because of her size and strength it is Layla’s job to take care of some of our larger riders. It is no problem for her. She does so with ease and without complaint. In her case “Big is Beautiful”.

LunaLuna: a Norwegian Fiord Mare

Color: Dun with dorsal stripe

It is hard to describe how wonderful Luna is! She has a glorious mane that stands up on end; she is round and cuddly, with a wonderful, disposition. She is a huge favorite with anyone who comes to TEC. Many a rider had their first riding experience on Luna. She has been at TEC for quite a while. She was originally a driving pony. She has occasionally taken maternity leave from TEC to raise a couple of foals. She is currently on loan to TEC.

GizmoGizmo: a Quarterhorse Cross

Gizmo is a Quarter Horse X gelding. He is a big boy at 16.1 hands. His color is an unusual dun dapple turning grey that seems to be continually changing. He is easy to recognize among the other darker horses in the group.
Gizmo joined our team in January of 2008. Before arriving at TEC, Gizmo was being shown at training level dressage at local shows. He has adapted very well to his life at TEC. Gizmo is a very laid back fellow (which did not bode well for his dressage career). He is as steady as they come. He is a favorite of our riders because of his very gentle manners. Gizmo has been a great addition to our equine team. He is a confidence booster for our riders; they have come to trust that Gizmo will take care of them. He is also often ridden independently by some of our more advanced riders. He does it all very willingly. He eagerly greets all visitors and is always ready to be petted. Gizmo has adapted very well to his new career!

TEC-minnieMinnie: Black Pony


ZorbaZorba: Norwegian Fjord



PicantePicante: Bay Warmblood/TB Cross


Paw’s April foot: American Paint Brown/White



Madison: Black & White Paint (one blue eye and one brown eye)