Morgan Horses In Their Second or Third Careers

Sassy 1Submitted by: Judy Candage

PKW Overnight Sensation, also known as Sassy, was born in New Hampshire. She was born into the Morgan Horse Show community, and showed under the Bill Parker Stables banner.

In June of 2005, Sassy began the adventure of teaching a young girl many life learning lessons. Sassy’s experiences were now changing roles as she would not only mentor her new rider but also gain experiences entering the world of 4H. She and her new rider attended Camp Marshall’s 4H Horse Camp and learned to come together. She taught her young rider basic horse care and horse knowledge as well as patience, perseverance, trust, attention to detail, sportsmanship, horsemanship, responsibility, etc.

Sassy also gained many new experiences. She learned about fitting and showmanship, trust, trail class, trail riding, and a loving bond for not just her young rider but with children. This transformed her from a performing show horse to a teacher, and protector of anyone who would ride her.

Sassy2As her young rider grew older and went off to college, she then entered her third career, as a therapeutic riding mentor. Sassy now spends her days as the trusted mount for many therapeutic riding clients for the Therapeutic Equestrian Center located in Holyoke, MA.

With all Sassy learned over the years, she is the perfect mount for many clients at the Therapeutic Equestrian Center. Sassy has become a true ambassador for The Morgan breed as she continues to tend to and mentor new riders with physical, cognitive and psychological life challenges. All the attributes a Morgan represents are exemplified with Sassy as she continues her life introducing people of all ages to the beauty, affection, trust and fun being in the presence of a Morgan personality. The smiles from these clients as they evolve with Sassy are priceless.

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