Using Online Volunteer Sign Up

The online sign up sheets are very simply to use. It will provide you with email confirmations of the classes you’ve signed up for as well as a reminder email a day before your selected classes.


Volunteer-SignUp-NavHow to Register, Login, and Sign Up:

  1. Select “Register First!” and fill out the brief form (you will only have to do this once).
  2. Select “Volunteer Login” next using your “username” and “password” you just created.
  3. Select “Volunteer Sign Up Sheets”
  4. Scroll down the page to find the day of the week you’d like to volunteer and then find the class time. Click on the green “Sign Up” link.
  5. This takes you to a confirmation page where your information will already be filled in. Click the button that reads “Sign Me Up”. A confirmation will appear at the top of the page and you will also receive a confirmation email.
  6. Click on the link next to the button that reads “Go Back to the Sign-Up Sheet”
  7. Repeat steps 5 – 7 to add more classes.