Sponsor A Horse

One of the best ways to support the Therapeutic Equestrian Center and our mission is to sponsor one of our fabulous horses. Equestrian therapy is a wonderfully effective tool, but it comes at a significant cost. Along with providing barn space and staff to look after the animals, each horse requires a LOT of feed, regular visits from the veterinarian, and the services of our farrier. Basic care and feeding of a horse costs us over $4,000 per year, per horse. Lesson fees only cover a small fraction of these costs, and a Horse Sponsorship is a great way to make a meaningful contribution.



Sponsor a Horse Program

Sponsorships are available at the $1,000 (quarter-horse), $2,000 (half-horse) and $4,000 (exclusive sponsorship) levels. Payment may be made in a lump sum or in either quarterly or monthly installments. Contact the Therapeutic Equestrian Center to set up a sponsorship and payment plan that is best for you!



Individuals, Groups, Organizations or Corporations can all make pledges for the upkeep of a particular horse. Sponsorships are annual commitments, commencing the date the donation is received. The donation or monthly pledge must be renewed yearly to remain in place.

All funds received through The Sponsor A Horse Program will be used exclusively for the development and maintenance of a sound, healthy, and well cared for group of horses for the Therapeutic Equestrian Center’s Therapeutic Riding Program. Funds are used for feed, bedding, shoes, veterinary care, etc. The monthly pledge amount is based on an average monthly cost to maintain an average horse. Some horses require more, some less. Funds are pooled and used for the overall herd.

You and/or your company will receive an abundance of recognition for your generosity. You will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship with a photo of your horse and a duplicate Certificate will be displayed on your horse’s stall. You will also receive recognition in the the Therapeutic Equestrian Center Newsletter, Horse Show Program and other printed materials, and on the Therapeutic Equestrian Center website.

You are welcome to stop by and visit your horse during normal program hours, but we suggest that you call ahead to determine when your horse is not on duty. You will not be allowed to ride your horse due to insurance regulations, however in some circumstances, you may be allowed to brush your horse and assist with some of his daily care. Always ask a member of the staff for assistance.

If you are interested in receiving more information, please use our online Contact Form and we’ll get back to you promptly!

The Therapeutic Equestrian Center is a recognized non-profit organization under section 501(c )(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.